In the past physics or a seer were people who had supernatural powers to oversee things that others were not able to see. Seers could predict of a future happening. They were thought to receive peculiar wisdom, knowledge, and powers from spirits or deities. During the ancient world, Egyptians, Babylonians, and Greeks trusted the interpretation of any dreams to forecast the future. They firmly believed that dreams were a way that gods used to send warnings to them. The following were roles played by physics during ancient times.

1. Used to communicate to gods

Physics used to speak to the gods on behalf of pilgrims or worshippers. This symbolized their power to pledge with the gods to forgive the pilgrims. During this time, worshipers used to believe strongly their powers of talking directly to the gods and seeking forgiveness for any sins committed.

2. Give revelation to dreams or events that were thought to be omens

During ancient time people believed strongly on fortune tellers. Their power to foretell the future made them believe and strongly on their peculiar wisdom. Though people used the seers to speak to the gods, the Bible condemns the act. In the end times, the bible prophesied about false prophets who will come in the name of God.

3. Teaches and interceded on behalf of people

In the ancient world, people used to believe that bad things happened because god was angry. The seers acted as teachers by spreading the word or message from the gods. They interceded on behalf of the people for any sin committed against the gods. Through their revelation they used to warn people of any punishment or future happens that will occur if they do not repent their sins. Physics are used to show theist where their disciples originated during the ancient time. It illustrates the connection between nature and happenings surrounding it. The teachings are still used by theists to explain why things happen in certain ways.

In the Christian community the lessons are used to help Christians and firm believers who the true God is. There have been different illusions which surround the story behind physics. Fortune tellers are said to be possessed by demons and spirits that help them reveal omens. They deceive Christian that the powers are from God. The Bible condemns the act.

Should Christians visit physics?

The Bible substantially condemns supernatural powers, physics, spiritualists and fortune tellers. In the book of (2 Corinthians 11:14-15) the bible clearly, tells us that these gods are demonic. Satan pretends to be helpful and kind to people. He deceives people to believe that he has powers. Satan and his demonic spirits give physics information about others so that they can get abstracted with spiritism. These demons deceive people who believe in spiritism that the revelations are from God. God forbids this, and he encourages Christians to remain faithful and believe in him.

During the ancient times, people believed that the dead could speak to us. The Bible shows how the dead can not talk to us. Those who died as believers, their souls are in heaven with the Lord. Only the non-believers suffer and will suffer eternal torture for rising up against God. Physics are fraudsters. They convince you to believe that they have the power in performing and revealing unknown events to you. In the book of (Acts16:16-19) illustrates how a fortune teller who had powers of predicting the future used his powers to deceive people. Apostle Paul scolded the spiritism and demons from the fortune teller.

In some instances, the physics may not explain where the information comes from. Regardless of the case, nothing connects witchcraft, astrology, and spiritism as a Godly way of communicating to his people. Christians are therefore warned for believing or paying physics visits. It is clear that their acts are demonic and unrighteous.

The Bible discourages Christians from paying visits or having a connection with physics if they only want a close relationship with their God. When Israelites turned their hearts from their God and started worshiping other gods, God turned away from them. Not until Moses interceded between them and their God. This shows how Christian should remain active in their faith and trusting in their God.

Are there Christian churches that allow contacting the spirits world?

Despite the Bible condemning physics, some Christian churches still believe on fortune tellers. Spiritism has been convicted by the Bible as an act of fraud. People who predict the future use their demonic powers to deceive people. Christian churches should strongly fight back these acts of spiritism. As a Christian, you should actively remain in your faith and despise any acts of spiritism.

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