Oranum Review

Oranum is the newer psychic networks online. It is the ever first psychic and spiritual community across the globe which offers their customers free chat. Basically it serves as the World’s largest spiritual community. Customers with their own comfort can video chat with psychics and spiritual advisors through live webcam. It is recognized as a worldwide largest network and everyone with a spiritual skill can use Oranum. Spiritual skills ranging from Horoscope, tarot card reading, dream interpretation, Reiki healing etc. mission of Oranum is to help connect, empower and inspire the World’s spiritual community by bringing ancient knowledge of spirituality to the age of digital.

Before further proceeding let’s have a talk about Spirituality

About Spirituality

Spirituality is a boundary-less dimension of human experience. Spirituality is not considered as a thing or an object. It is thought of as an �active ingredient’ of major world religions. It cannot be explored by using scientific methods because it experience subjective experiences. Spirituality is a broad concept and it has a room for many perspectives and involves a search for meaning in life. It has different meanings to different individuals e.g. it may be about participating in a religion i.e. going to a church, mosque or it may be get in touch with the spiritual side through offering prayer, yoga, meditation or even long walks. Spirituality is about a Universal human experience.

Main features of Oranum

Signing up for the membership

To begin with Oranum you have to register yourself with the website. You have to create a username and password. Without registration you won’t be able to get unique features of the site offers.

Variety of psychics

It has a great variety of experts and practitioners. They come from different backgrounds.

Communication means

You can communicate through video chat and if you don’t have a webcam then text chat feature is available.

Psychic reader background

Oranum has a verified readers with experience. You can better know about them through rating system.

Money back policy

If you are not satisfied then you can refund your amount.

Further there is the facility of free limited chat, customer service through email, premium content when it comes to talking to psychics and cost of membership that is charged $1 to$10 per minute.


Many facilities are available that includes company gifts cards at a low rate, many different payment options, get to know about a psychic, rating system. During the hourly free demonstrations you may be chosen for a brief, free reading. Money back policy and through video chat you can avail a great service and a solution to your problem.


Readings are only offered through live video chat. Sometimes chat freezes if the room busy. No phone customer service is available. Further you should be well aware of scammers and frauds. Before start paying the money you must sure you trust the psychic for private sessions.


Oranum has a good policy in terms of which people can apply. You must have qualifications and experience. 24 hours customer support facility is available. Chat rooms often create a great fun and social environment. Overall it seems to have a good reputation.

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