How to get a free psychic reading

Who else wants to get a free psychic reading? Do you have questions that you need to be answered … but you do not know where to turn? Are you desperate for guidance, life advice or authentic intuitive information?

But … no matter where you look, are you unable to afford a good reading that you can trust? If you are something like what it once was, the simple truth is that your psychic budget does not match your desire to get the help you need. If that sounds like you, I want to have three easy steps to get a free psychic reading that CAN give you help, or at least, the TEST you need to know that a reader is real, before investing your hard earned energy, effort, and income by investing in reading. Keep reading

1: Do Your Due Diligence

Read the reviews, check out the ratings and see the articles on psychic networks, services and individual intuitive. Find a network that looks legitimate and reliable, and meets your needs , then check to see if they offer a free trial or introductory sessions.

2: Choose your reader

The larger networks have a vast and diverse set of psychics to choose from. This is important, and you need to make sure you know what type of reading you want, before continuing. If you are having love problems …. an emotional intuitive, or psychic love is a FAR option better than a means.

3: Get comfortable and get going!

Start your call or chat session, and keep your eye on the clock. Why? The best psychological services only offer short time windows where readings are free. 6 minutes is the default offer for one of the best psychic services we recommend … and for the psychic chat, you should wait about the same amount of time.

Why see a psychic? The best reason to see a psychic medium even if you do not believe!

What is the best reason to see a psychic medium? Is it because of the curiosity factor? Or the adventure? Or maybe just the experience itself is worth having regardless of what you think is true? Is there any proven BENEFIT to get a psychic, psychic reading, or is it all just fun, entertaining and little mind nonsense instead?

In this article, we are going to take a quick and easy look at what I believe is the best reason to call or visit a psychic medium, and if you are a skeptic or a believer, you can reap the same rewards in any way. Do you want to know more? Continue reading as we look closer!

The best reason to talk to a medium, even if you are skeptical?

The simple truth is this: Psychic mediums have the unique and mysterious ability to help people heal the deleterious effects of losing a loved one, even if they are skeptical that information comes from the “other side.”

Do you not believe me? Research conducted at the University of Arizona and the Windbridge Institute of Applied Science strongly suggest that talking to a qualified psychiatrist who generates GENUINE information that sounds real to you is an excellent way to overcome the common pain of losing a member of the family or loved one to death.

And even SKEPTICS can reap the same rewards …

What is an unusual thing for many to admit, but very true though? The fact is that believers or at least those who are open to the idea that our loved ones live somehow after physical death are those who are most likely to get the most benefit from seeing a means. (they often become 100% convinced that there is no “death” and that their loved ones continue to live after this life is over). But what is interesting is that people who identified themselves as agnostic or even atheistic to the notion of a future life still found (and often qualified) experience as positive and something that raised their spirits as well. (no pun intended. 🙂


Who Else Wants to Get a FREE Psychic Reading FREE? Are you afraid of paying too much for a psychic session? Are you desperate for good reading but DO NOT have a lot of money to spend on one? Or are you just trying to TEST psychics and networks to find the right one for you … and do not want to spend money on reading like research? If you are something like most people who are looking for psychic guidance and advice online, the simple truth is that a free (or inexpensive) reading is at the top of your list of goals, right?

If this sounds like you ….. the bad news is …..

Most free psychic offerings are, unfortunately, a scam. How is that? For the most part, they are bait style and switch readings, where they advertise FREE as a way to get you in the door (or on the phone) and then try UPSELL for more expensive psychic services once you are.

The good news?

There are in fact, legitimate, honest and fairly easy ways to get a genuine psychic reading for free, and the truth is that anyone who is reading this right now can easily take advantage of one right now.

Here is how:

1: Reputable Limited Time Based on free offers

What does this mean? Easy! A free reading that is time, or a trial based on a fixed amount of free minutes, with no additional obligation required. In other words, the psychic or service wants to prove that they are legitimate, and are willing to give it a fixed and free reading to convince them that they are.

2: Test readings with money-back guarantees

A bit more controversial, is the approach of all networks that offer 100% money back guarantees … or the texts they promise will be real, or you do not have to pay. In other words, you pay 20 or 30 dollars for reading, and if you do not think it’s good … you will get your money completely.


If you want a free reading, you can use any of the above approaches to get one. However, remember ….. NOT all the best things in life are free, and when it comes to psychics, we recommend you book a small budget of $ 10 or $ 20, and get a “WOW” reading you will never forget, instead. (or immediately regret it!)

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