Biblical Credibility and Archaeology

[Biblical Archaeology News] One of the great friends of the Bible is the field of archaeology. Over and over, the biblical record has been validated by archaeological finds. Here is a list of some new ones reported in the Associated Press, December 9, 1996.

* An ancient stone inscription in Tel Dan in the Golan Heights refers to the “House of David” and speaks of him as “King of Israel.” There have also been references to David found in excavations in Jerusalem.

* A stone tablet bearing the name of the Phoenician city of Ekron of Biblical fame in 1 Samuel has been found.

* Excavations at Shechem where Abraham built an altar to God shows that an organized community existed there at that time.

* An Ivory Pomegranate purchased by Israel for $550,000 is believed to be a relic from Solomon’s temple. It has an inscription that says “Holy to the priests, belonging to the Temple of Yahweh.”

* Studies at Masada have uncovered a wine jug inscribed with the name of Herod–a first.

* Excavations show ancient Egyptian forts along the Sinai’s Mediterranean coast which would explain why Moses led the Children of Israel inland through the Sinai wilderness.

* Excavations at Hazor show that the city was burned as the Bible describes in Joshua.

The Associated Press article takes pains to say that belief in the biblical account has gained favor, not because the archaeologists believe the Bible, but because the evidence of the event the Bible describes is so great. Our question is “how much evidence do you need before you are willing to recognize the Bible as what it is–the Word of God?” [Biblical Archeology Free Courses offers this info With Permission from DoesGodExist.Org]

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