Biblical Archeology, Free Course 3

imageArcheology depends upon artifacts discovered from the ancient worlds for its task of reconstruction. It must never be forgotten that "reconstruction" is needed because in the present one know either very little, or even nothing at all, about the details of the ancient civilizations that one wishes to study. This was more so in the early stages of archeology when almost nothing was known about the ancient civilization, except what was known from the Bible or from secondary sources. However, the discovery of artifacts becomes a thousand times more useful if associated inscriptions are found. The reasons plus some of the key inscriptions discovered in relation to Biblical Archeology are explained in this free course.

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About These Free Biblical Archeology Courses

These totally free online correspondence courses in bible, apologetics, and biblical archeology are offered as a service by the Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology. Trinity offers several graduate programs in bible and theology totally tuition-free. Check TRINITY if you are interested.

The free biblical archeology courses offered to you on this site are for your personal study and enrichment. Many of these courses will contain an exam or test at the end. Once you work on them, show your answers to either your pastor or to your spiritual mentor. You need not send them to us because these are meant for self-study only.


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