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Asknow is a psychic network that was founded with the sole purpose of connecting the client to a competent and experienced physic. The company looks to improve the various aspects of human life ranging from love to business through its readings.

Who is behind the company?
Although the exact owners are yet to be made public, the company has been established to be owned and operated within the United States. Asknow is a Limited Liability Company based in Clearwater Florida.

What sets Asknow apart from the rest?

1) Thorough hiring process
Asknow prides itself in client satisfaction and as such, their hiring process for psychics is quite rigorous so as to separate the weed from the chaff. Only one in every 80 or so applicants tore the line and even those who do are regularly vetted using customer reviews. So you can rest assured that you trust a legitimate psychic to clear the hazy glass that is the future.

2) 100% money back guarantee
Asknow puts their money where their mouth is with an exclusive full money back guarantee if the reading you get is not accurate.

3) Decent prices and Years of experience
In a recent physic survey conducted by reputable website physic review, Asknow deals are among the fairest in the market. There even have deals for as lows as $ 1 per minute.

4) English and Spanish readings
Asknow is among the few that give out physic readings both in English and Spanish, the two most prevalent languages spoken within the United States.

5) Engaging video horoscopes
The company has revolutionized horoscope reading to come up with a video version of this information. These videos are particularly helpful to the hard of seeing or those couch potatoes that simply find scrolling through text tedious.

6) Unique Call back feature
There is nothing more cumbersome than have to wait on the line for minutes on end for your physic to take your call. Well, asknow have found their way around this conundrum with an effective callback functionality. With it, you can have your psychic call you back as soon as he or she becomes available.

What are the misgivings of the Website?

Just like any other psychic website out there, Asknow is not free of shortcomings and they are as follows:

1) They are not always accurate
As you know, psychic reading isn’t an exact science and as such, they also experience off days every once in a while. Although they boast a commendable success percentage, their readings can be slightly off the mark or outright inaccurate some times. About once or thrice in ten sittings, things may not turn out as predicted.

2) No specialization
Asknow implores a variety of methods and techniques and they do not focus on a single “niche” if you will. Therefore, if you have a penchant for a particular discipline of the art, then you’re out of luck. However, the company is well adept in most psychic techniques.

3) Customer service can be a bit slow at times
While they do have an interactive and responsive customer care system in place, customer service does get a bit snail-paced at times. It might take hours for a simple matter to be resolved however this might be down to their large customer base that encompasses over 200 psychics tending to multiple clients.

Is asknow worth your time?

The psychic network might have its misgivings and has received its fair share of criticism in recent years; however, it is one truly worth its salt.

First of all, its American based unlike those phony spiritual websites synonymous with overseas companies pulling the strings from afar. Secondly, asknow has an efficient hiring process that sifts out the scammers. Also, it has been in this kind of business for several years running therefore they must be doing something right.

Moreover, asknow have amassed more than three-quarter of the ratings on reliable critical psychic review websites like psychic reviews online, good psychic reviews, site jabber and physic site reviews. So are they worth checking out? Yes, definitely.

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