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imageArchaeological theory covers the debates over the practice of archaeology and the interpretation of archaeological results. There is no single theory of archaeology, and even definitions are disputed. Until the mid-20th century and the introduction of technology, there was a general consensus that archaeology was closely related to both history and anthropology. Since then, elements of other disciplines such as geology, physics, chemistry, biology, metallurgy, engineering, medicine, etc, have found an overlap, resulting in a need to revisit the fundamental ideas behind archaeology.

Here is your free course material on archeology 4:

About These Free Biblical Archeology Courses

These totally free online correspondence courses in bible, apologetics, and biblical archeology are offered as a service by the Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology. Trinity offers several graduate programs in bible and theology totally tuition-free. Check TRINITY if you are interested.

The free biblical archeology courses offered to you on this site are for your personal study and enrichment. Many of these courses will contain an exam or test at the end. Once you work on them, show your answers to either your pastor or to your spiritual mentor. You need not send them to us because these are meant for self-study only.


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